5 Tips To Improve Organizational Change

Most businesses face challenges and obstacles when it comes to growth and changes within the organization and the industry. The employees are reluctant to adapt to those new changes which will eventually lead to corporate inertia and loss to competitive advantage. It is in human nature not to embrace the new industry dynamics and alteration. Accordingly, companies will be trapped in traditional operational patterns and halting growth.

How can businesses improve organizational changes in order to run a more effective operation and reach success?  

Companies must follow the below strategy:

·       Implement structural changes within the organization

·       Change key people

·       Improve communication among the employees and have full transparency

·       Build commitment and capabilities among those employees

·       Set a measurable and achievable KPIs and condition for the employees.

Eventually, by following some of the tips above, companies will extract the maximum growth and value creation in their existing business. Over time, companies will develop a cultural evolution in the employee’s behavioral pattern by given them acknowledgment and recognition which will eventually lead to the success of the business.

About the Author

Ihab Tabbara is a graduate of London Business School. Having gained his MBA with a student award he went onto specializing in strategic planning and marketing. He has an entrepreneurial mindset and is a creative thinker. He has accumulated over 22 years of first-hand experience in running a successful multi-site operation in the retail industry. Having established and managed a retail business from concept to becoming it’s General Manager, he has been involved in all aspects of the retail industry from supply chain management, from business development to strategic planning, and leadership. He successfully grew the business to 40 showrooms operating within the MENA region and trading in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, and the UAE.

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