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5 Tips To Improve Organizational Change

Most businesses face challenges and obstacles when it comes to growth and changes within the organization and the industry. The employees are reluctant to adapt to those new changes which will eventually lead to corporate inertia and loss to competitive advantage. It is in human nature not to embrace the new industry dynamics and alteration. […]

6 Tips To Improve Your Retail Revenue

Most businesses face challenges and obstacles when it comes to an increase in sales in their retail stores. The funny thing is that it does not take a huge change to have an impact and to increase your sales. All it needs from you, as business leaders, is to understand how to manage your inventory, […]

6 Tips To Improve Your Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is all about the flow of goods from the point of manufacturing to the last point to reach the consumers. It is all about planning, scheduling and delivering on time the goods to meet the clients’ needs. It needs to be a fully integrated system where all parties have a clear understanding [...]

Top 3 Challenges affecting the retail market in Saudi Arabia

In 2018 we have seen an economic slowdown in the retail sector in Saudi Arabia due to various economic reform and restructuring such as the introduction of Value Added Tax, and the increase of dependent fees for expatriates which resulted in a higher cost of living in the country and also led to a decrease [...]

6 Tips To Innovate Your Retail Business Model

All companies attain a point where their business reaches a stagnant growth. It is up to the managers in an organization to perceive an opportunity or a disruptive change in the market. They need to have a creative mindset, motivation, and out of the box thinking skill set. Whatever the business model is in their [...]