Spectrum is a result-driven and commercially focused consultancy. We are dedicated to success and optimization of business performance.

Many businesses face challenges and obstacles when it comes to making decisions to influence growth and reach levels of success. Both on a micro or macro level, challenges may come in many different forms: Internal Causes such as poor management, high cost, lack of marketing effort, inadequate financial control or External Causes such as changes in market demand, structure and existence of competition which could lead to negative growth and an impact on your bottom lines.

Regardless of which obstacle is in your way, Spectrum can help you analyze and observe how a business turnaround and restructuring could drastically improve profitability.

What we do and How we do it?

The key to Spectrum’s continuous consultancy successes is in our 80/20 Pareto rule (i.e. 80 % is in the effort and planning and 20 % lies in delivery, execution and implementation). Our business consulting goal is to provide your business with customized services and solutions to overcome obstacles and reach your business’s upcoming milestones.

Spectrum uses innovative and intuitive approaches in our work, such as:


  • Running diagnostic reviews to understand your business obstacles and provide you with a valuable assessment of your current standing.

  • Hold each member accountable by setting measurable and achievable KPIs.

  • Crisis stabilization in order to minimize cash flow loss.

  • Setting priorities in a new business plan to understand the feasibility of the project.

  • Implementation of an operational restructuring plan